Making reports and measuring record starting time for recordings

Why is it necessary in a workplace to be able to keep a record of the length and quantity of voice recordings, the numbers called and received?

  • track the time spent on calls
  • track the frequency with which certain callers and/or called are listed
  • which administrator spends how much time on the phone in a working day (is the colleague overworked?)
  • analysis of call and sales data from telemarketers
  • for other needs

For whom and why is it important to measure and report on the recording start-up time?

Recording start-up time measurements can be used to assess the nature and extent of customer/caller service, waiting times and also the workload of operators at different times of the day. This can be used to track how long the caller waited for the operator to check in. The Media and Communications Authority also has rules on this.

The service is provided by the following software


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