Typing by speech, dictation and mouse control by speech - computer control by speech

Typing by speech

online speech recognition

The ABSONIC virtual keyboard can be used to display the recognized text in any text field selected by the cursor. This can be useful for people who have difficulty typing but can correct the automatically recognised text using a mouse and keyboard.

Voice-activated dictation, computer control with speech

dictation system

The speech-recognition text may still contain errors and other corrections that can be made using the ABSONIC dictation system, in addition to manual correction. Once the dictation feature is turned on, the speech is run through a command interpreter, which delivers the command to the application being used via the ABSONIC virtual keyboard.

The system can also automatically select the functions that can be used for the application. For example, bolding can be found in word processing programs, while most plain text input fields do not have this feature.

The command interpreter can be turned on and off by voice control and on-screen clicks.

In addition to the automatic speech recognition function, punctuation marks and certain text editing operations can be dictated, interpreted and executed by the ABSONIC system

The features commonly used in text fields work in all software - copy, cut, move cursor, etc. - while many other features of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome can be used. To access the list of applications and commands click HERE. Applications and commands can be freely extended by anyone.

Mouse control with speech

office, keyboard, job

After turning on the virtual mouse function, the speech is run through a command interpreter, which allows you to move the mouse pointer and press mouse buttons with speech control.

The combination of these three services is of significant help to people with disabilities, who have difficulty in using their hands and typing, as they can use the functions of the different software with voice control without external assistance. This allows them to be more involved in education, to take up jobs (even teleworking) and to spend their free time more meaningfully (surfing the Internet, writing emails).

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