Video SRT subtitle creation

The video SRT file is used to display speech in video recordings as subtitles in real time.

The ABSONIC software does the subtitle timing automatically, which is a very time-consuming job for other software. It is also a useful solution for deaf and hard of hearing people who can read, as the SRT subtitle files can be used to watch movies, recorded lectures, news, etc.


Subtitling Facebook videos

Subtitling Facebook videos

For uploaded videos, our advertising is much more effective when uploaded with subtitles. Many Facebook users watch videos without sound so as not to disturb other people on public transport or in waiting rooms. The SRT subtitle file is easy to create with the ABSONIC speech recognizer.

Subtitling video files

VLC-SRT subtitle

Presentations and educational videos are often only available in foreign languages. If you don't understand the language well enough, you can use ABSONIC software to create a timed subtitle for your videos, translated into your own language. Even if the speech recognition and translation is not perfect, you will still understand what the training material is about.

Subtitling Youtube videos

Subtitling Youtube videos

In today's world, most of the videos we watch are on YouTube, and even these may need subtitling (e.g. in foreign languages), which can be easily done with the free downloadable VLC Media Player. Copy the link to the video, then paste the title after clicking Media / Network Video Stream in VLC Media Player, and use the SRT file you created earlier with ABSONIC as a real-time subtitle.

You can also upload the subtitles created with ABSONIC to our own YouTube videos.

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