Speech in near real time in the speaker's language and/or with translation

Subtitling / translation of lectures and training texts

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For the hearing impaired

Display subtitles on the secondary display of the presenter/recorder computer, in a browser.

For foreign language students

Translated subtitle display on the secondary display of the performer/performance recorder computer, in a browser

For short-sighted people

Display of recognised text and/or its translation in HTML via local WiFi in the browser of notebooks and smart devices

Captioning / translating presentations on the display device

Instead of HTML display, if required or if a second display is not possible. Recognised text and its translation can be displayed in the same interface as the presentation, above and below the presentation. This visualisation can help to memorise and understand the presentation. If the speaker is not well audible to the audience or not audible at all to the hearing impaired, captioning can help with understanding the text. These events will also be open to foreign speakers, and training sessions and lectures can be organised for them.

The text displayed in ABSONIC's built-in RTF text editor can be displayed in several ways at the same time as the text and/or its translation recognized by the online speech recognizer. Displaying the speaker's speech, the recognized text and its translation on a projector, smart devices and notebooks, storing it on a pre-configured server or in the cloud (e.g. Google Drive), from where it can be accessed by the participants of the presentation, even depending on their access rights. The ABSONIC system will also make these events accessible to the reading-impaired and foreign-language speakers, and will allow them to attend training sessions and lectures.


Smart glasses application options

  • Subtitling/translation of lectures and training for the hearing impaired
  • Translation and subtitling of lectures and training for foreign languages
  • Subtitling / translation of lectures and tutorials for the visually impaired

Captioning / translation of any internet communication solution (Skype, Zoom, Viber, Messenger, Telegram, etc.)

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If there is a need or if the speaker is not clearly audible to the audience or if there are hearing impaired people in the conversation, subtitles can help to understand the text.

The solution also allows foreign speakers to join in these conversations.

Video subtitling / translation


Voice recording on a computer's built-in or external display device using an overlay method, which can also have a transparent background

Captioning for video mixer.

Real-time translation during recording or from an existing audio recording

asr and translation

The original language text and its translation can be in one document or the original language and its translation in a separate document

With a little work, the transcript can be turned into a study note, even for students who speak different languages.

The service is provided by the following software

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