ABSONIC Android apps - Mobile phone conversation voice recording with speech recognition / translation

The ABSONIC applications allow you to record voice recordings with excellent audio quality, as well as transcribe text using speech recognition using the device's built-in microphone, wired microphone or Bluetooth headset microphone. If supported by your phone type and Android system version, mobile call recording can also work. Recorded voice recordings can be played, deleted, shared.

Before making and/or using audio recordings involving other persons, please consult the relevant legislation.

Two ABSONIC apps are available in the Play Store:

  • ABSONIC (basic version) - a free application with limited functionality, where several features are not available or are limited in time.
  • ABSONIC Pro - A full-featured paid application where all features are available without restrictions.

Comment: The ABSONIC mobile app, while being standalone and usable, works closely and versatilely with the ABSONIC desktop/notebook version.

If you want to use the ABSONIC more comfortably, you should also look at and purchase the desktop/notebook version of the ABSONIC. This will make it even more useful for you together with the ABSONIC mobile app.

ABSONIC mobile apps are available on the Google Play store!

Features of ABSONIC mobile applications:

Manual microphone recording (voice recorder), from the phone's built-in microphone, from a wired headset microphone, from a Bluetooth (headset) microphone:

  • After recording is complete, you can enter the name of the recording and where it is stored
  • Information about the recording and the duration of the recording is displayed in the application interface.

Automatic and manual (mobile) call recording, using either a landline or Bluetooth headset.

  • The (mobile) call recording can be started automatically in the background when you receive a phone call, or you can start it manually in the application interface.
  • Recording can also be stopped automatically when you end a call or manually in the apps interface.
  • The functionality depends on Android versions and device types! In the basic, free ABSONIC version, you can check its functionality before you buy!
  • The basic, free version only allows 60 seconds of recording!

Speech recognition

  • Speech recognition in 100 languages
  • Speech recognition can be started and stopped in the application interface
  • When speech recognition is complete, you can specify the name and location of the file containing the recognised text.
  • Recording can be done at the same time as speech recognition
  • The basic free version only allows 60 seconds of speech recognition!
  • You need a working internet connection to use speech recognition!

Translate, share, send the result of speech recognition

  • The resulting speech recognition text can be translated using the translator applications installed on your phone, such as Google Translator, which provides translation support for around 90 languages.
  • The text of the speech recognition can be shared with the translator app in the same way as on smartphones.
  • The resulting speech recognition text can be shared on various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The text of the speech recognition can be sent by email, SMS, Google Drive, etc.

Share and send recorded recordings

  • The audio recordings can be shared in the same way as on smartphones on various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The recordings can be sent by email, Google Drive, etc.

Display caller and called phone number when recording (mobile) phone calls.

    • During the recording of a (mobile) phone call, the caller and called phone numbers are displayed in the recording status indicators on the recording interface.
    • The display of caller and called phone numbers depends on Android versions and device types! The basic, free ABSONIC version can be checked before purchase!

Optionally, you can set whether or not the application saves the recording when stopping an automatic audio recording

    • Optionally, you can set the application to ask for permission to save the recording when stopping an automatically recorded audio file.
    • If permission is denied, the recording will not be saved.

Support for multiple recording formats (M4A, 3GA, WAV)

    • - Audio file compressed with MPEG-4 encoder. It has the advantage of high compression, higher than MP3, and good sound quality.
    • - Audio optimised for AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate) speech recording for mobile phone use. Its advantage is high compression, with intelligible speech recording, but the quality is lower than the other two formats.
    • WAV - The advantage of WAV is its wide distribution and good sound quality, it can be listened to with any software or MP3 player. Disadvantage is the relatively large file size (no compression).

Playback of audio recordings is done with the known control functions

Managing records, folders

  • A separate interface allows you to copy, move, delete, rename, etc. audio recordings and folders.

The ABSONIC mobile application interface:


The following features are only available in the full paid ABSONIC Pro app

Sending automatically recorded recordings by email

  • Once the recording is complete, the automatically recorded footage can be sent by email to the email address you set up previously.

Call screening service for automatic (mobile) call recording

  • Automatic call recording can also be done using call screening, where recording only works for calls to or from the specified phone numbers.
  • Up to 10 phone numbers can be added to the call screening service list.
  • The phone numbers that can be added for call screening can be selected from the contacts list.

Recording incoming calls only

  • If enabled, automatic (mobile) call recording only works for incoming calls.

Recording outgoing calls only

    • If enabled, automatic (mobile) call recording only works for outgoing calls.

Admission notification sound

  • When enabled, an audible alert is heard when recording starts and stops.

Directory display

  • The Contacts interface shows a list of contacts stored on your phone or tablet
  • From the Contacts list you can select the phone numbers used in the call screening function
  • From the Contacts list, you can select the email address to use to send automatically recorded recordings by email.
  • You can search the Directory by name, phone number or email address.

Automatic recording upload/download (sync) to Google Drive

  • Automatic synchronisation of recordings to Google Drive (cloud storage)
  • The contents of a folder containing audio recordings on your mobile device can be automatically synchronised with a selected folder in Google Drive. This way, the audio recording that is placed in the selected folder on the mobile device is automatically uploaded to Google Drive (the cloud).
  • Automatic synchronisation of Google Drive can be turned on in the settings and is done by a separate application.
  • To automatically sync Google Drive, you need a working internet connection!

ABSONIC mobile apps are available on the Google Play store!

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