RECSTATION - Professional and versatile voice recording of mobile and other infocommunication conversations!

A solution for voice recording of mobile phones and other infocommunication connections with an autonomous, location-independent interconnection station: unique, permission-based and encrypted voice recording of mobile and infocommunication conversations of customer services, emergency call centres, public administrations, business companies, private interests!

Voice recording of conversations of dispatchers, customer service agents and colleagues working in changing workplaces, private interests!

Unique voice recording of complaint reports, customer calls via a playback station!

RECSTATION is a geo-independent digital voice recording station (ABSONIC sofware+hardware) with universal, autonomous (unattended), telecommunications repeater and secure interconnect functions, encryption and privileged use.

The purpose of the voice recording station is to ensure that all voice calls to be recorded are made and received through this interconnecting (transmitting) station, in particular for mobile phone calls, which have not been easy to record so far, for the following reasons:

  • voice recording of conversations on smartphones is hampered by different manufacturers due to changing legal and data management requirements
  • data protection is weak when voice recording on the device, as it could fall into the wrong hands if the device is lost
  • the user of the device can sabotage or delete the sound recording on the device or the recording that has been made.

When recording with RECSTATION, it is not the mobile phone that stores the recordings, but the docking station, so if the phone is lost, the recordings cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Works with any mobile phone, no special phone or operating system needed!

In addition to GSM phones, any other infocommunication device can be connected to the system, so we offer a solution for professional voice recording of the following devices:

  • GSM mobile phones
  • analogue telephone lines
  • VoIP lines
  • Skype (needs improvement)
  • Magicjack
  • satellite telephones
  • other communication channels as required

It is possible to record several conversations at the same time, but this can take longer.

You can also make your phone calls "invisible" by encrypting them, so that illegal interceptions can be avoided. On demand, even the actual geographical location of the caller and the called party can be made "unidentifiable".

Infocommunication channels, subscriptions and terminal equipment must be provided by the customer, for which we only provide the specific hardware and software.

You can also save on international phone costs by using VoIP lines!

Each order comes with an individual quote, along with a customised system. The price of the systems will depend mainly on the number and type of lines/channels to be recorded simultaneously, but is usually expected to be between 1.000 and 10.000 EUR. Expected delivery time: 30-60-90 days depending on order requirements and customisation.

Downloadable brochures:

Overview (Make your phone calls invisible) PDF

Technical description - presentation PDF

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