Data exchange of voice recordings with (digital) voice recorders and file storage devices

The protection of personal data (GDPR) is essential in the life of every company, entrepreneur and institution. Audio recordings stored on dictaphones, smartphones and voice recording computers can easily be corrupted due to device failure. Dictaphones and smartphones can fall into unauthorised hands. The ABSONIC offers the possibility of manual and automatic data backup to a physically protected file storage, even with strong encryption. You can set whether files are copied or moved.

replacing sound recordings automatically

Import recordings from dictaphones and smartphones into ABSONIC

  • After connecting the device via USB, audio recordings can be imported manually or automatically to a physically protected file storage, even with strong encryption.
  • All voice recordings can be managed in a unified way and processed with speech recognition
  • In the case of smartphones, it is also possible to import voice recordings via cloud storage, if the GDPR regulations of the company/organisation allow it

Export ABSONIC-generated audio recordings to file storage devices

  • Audio recordings stored on local drives can be exported manually or automatically to a more physically secure file store, even with strong encryption.
  • Depending on the level of the file and ABSONIC's permission, sound recordings can also be processed with colleagues.
  • Decrypting sound recordings stored with strong encryption is the only way to decrypt them, depending on your privileges
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