When is audio recording necessary or recommended?

Audio recording of personal meetings, negotiations, meetings, presentations, etc.

Audio recording of meetings and discussions

office, meeting

Employees of companies, municipalities, institutions, educational institutions often hold group meetings to discuss a particular project or the work to be done, the work to be done and the events to be organised in the next period.

Voice recording is very important in these meetings, because everyone may need a reminder, a record, which should be made using speech recognition if required.

With ABSONIC, you can make high-quality voice recordings thanks to automatic recording level control, noise cancellation (which enhances intelligibility but is not recommended for speech recognition) and a microphone optimized for conversations, available in our webshop.

Professional voice recorders are also available in our webshop, which also allow you to record the best possible quality of voice when recording away from the computer, which can then be loaded into your computer's ABSONIC software for consistent and integrated speech processing.

Audio recording of presentations

event, dialogue, lecture

Recording of presentations, conferences, university lectures, training courses for later processing, analysis, education, distribution and speech recognition. This can be done using special studio-quality (Wi-Fi controlled) voice recorders, whose recordings can later be copied to a computer and processed using ABSONIC software.

Voice recording in customer service offices and cash desks

write, plan, desk

For banks, customer services and complaints departments, it is required by law or for quality assurance or training purposes to make a voice recording of personal communications with the customer. In all these cases, special high-quality microphones are needed to record the speech of both parties. If you need a voice recording system for a specific purpose, get a quote!

Microphone recording of interviews, hearings

audio recording of statements, interrogations

Witness statements and interviews must be recorded in some cases, but even if not, it is easier to transcribe the statement from the audio recording. In these places, you can also use our professional voice recorders, which are easy to use and the speech recordings can be later processed by ABSONIC software running on a computer.

Audio recording of court and other official hearings

audio recording for court hearings

In the case of court hearings, the work of court reporters can be made easier by using voice recording and speech recognition, as the court reporter does not need to listen to the whole hearing, because he or she receives the entire audio recording and only corrects errors after speech recognition. For a court microphone speech recording system, get a quote!

Speech recording for learning, especially for language learning

language learning with audio recordings
  • A simple way to prepare to give a presentation is to record your presentation at home and then listen to it to see if it was grammatically and rhetorically correct.
  • For language learning, speech recording is useful because you can listen to your pronunciation, count how many mistakes you make, etc.

Automatic voice recording, triggered by a sound signal

audio recording for asset protection purposes

After working hours, for asset/data/information protection purposes, automatic sound recording can be set in specific offices, warehouses, protected rooms, which records everything that reaches a configurable sound threshold and as long as this sound level is maintained

Voice recording of conversations on a telecommunications device

Manual voice recording of Skype, Viber, Messenger, Google Meets, Zoom, etc. conversations


While internet communication is increasingly valuable for negotiations, private conversations and education, voice recording of speech is not a common solution. With ABSONIC, it is possible to manually record the voice of every speaker when initiating or receiving a call, providing a basis for notes and reminders through speech recognition, and to enable hearing impaired people to participate in such a programme through near real-time captioning and translation.

Automatic voice recording in Skype, Viber, Messenger, Telegram for PC, Windows

Voice clamping at customer service
  • For customer services, where customers can call a Skype or Viber phone number and there is a legal obligation for voice recording over the phone, which can only be guaranteed by automatic recording
  • Quality assurance for product support and telephone customer service
  • Private conversations

Voice recording of telephone conversations

voice recording of telephone conversations

The ABSONIC system allows automatic voice recording of simultaneous analogue, ISDN S0, VoIP SIP and satellite (Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya terminal adapters) telephone lines on up to 64 channels. For analogue phone lines, it is also possible to have ABSONIC automatically play a warning message that a voice recording is being made.

Areas of use:

  • Customer services, complaints offices, emergency services where there is a legal obligation to record a voice message
  • Quality assurance for product support and telephone customer service

Ask for a quote for all other telephone voice recording services except VoIP SIP voice recording!

Message answering on analogue phones

telephone, technical support, cisco

Traditional telephone answering machine function with multiple pre-configurable greetings and announcements, with adjustable recording time.

  • For out-of-hours periods, customers can request a callback
  • Dictating meter positions for public services

For an answering machine system get a quote!

Automatic voice recording for Bluetooth capable phones

mobile phone voice recording

It is often not possible to make voice recordings of phone calls and ICT conversations on a smart phone. With ABSONIC, you can record voice on any older non-smartphone or smartphone or iPhone with bluetooth, regardless of operating system and version:

  • Mobile phone calls
  • Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Signal, Zoom, etc.

ANY communication app that can use a Bluetooth headset.

With the USB DECT headset we offer, you don't need to be within Bluetooth range of your computer and phone, you can go tens of meters away and walls won't interfere with the headset!

Note: Bluetooth is not required in the following cases: some mobile phones allow you to record conversations using downloadable apps, depending on the Android version and the type of device (this should be tested and decided on a device-by-device basis), but these audio recordings can also be loaded and processed later in the ABSONIC system.

Voice recording of two-way radios

urh sound recording

The ABSONIC system allows simultaneous, automatic sound recording of up to 64 TWR channels, using our special interface adapters. For voice recording of TWR radios, get a quote!

Audio recording for internet radio and TV, podcasts and video sharing

youtuber, computer, filmmaker

When you watch/listen to something on the internet, you usually don't have the option to download audio material. Often uploaded videos/audio recordings are deleted within a few months. With ABSONIC, you have the possibility to record the music and speech you are listening to, which you can listen to later for private purposes.

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