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Work while driving - Dictation dictation system with speech-to-text functionality for use in land, water and air vehicles

Business people, executives, assistant managers, secretaries, agents, contractors, civil servants and public employees, private individuals, etc. spend a large or small part of their time in their cars, where they also do their daily work, especially on longer journeys, where dictation is an important part of the job, alongside communication

To process dictation and conversation in a car, the following conditions and circumstances must be met:

  • The dictation or recording of the meeting can be done on digital voice recorders, mobile phones, portable computers (notebook-laptop or tablet) or in-car computers.
  • Microphones used to record dictations and meetings will pick up ambient noise in the car that falls within the speech band, unless the microphone and/or the dictation device has adequate noise compensation. If the audio recording is intended for speech recognition, it is essential that it is of adequate quality: noise filtering, level equalisation, echo cancellation, etc. Of course, the aim is to filter out general vehicle noise, while filtering out extreme noise (e.g. from machinery, etc.) may require specific treatment and may not always be possible to achieve good quality.
  • The transcript is stored on the device used for dictation, after dictation the transcript can be uploaded automatically or manually (FTP, Google Drive,, etc.) to a server via a mobile internet connection.
  • In the case of speech-to-text dictation, speech recognition can take place on the device in the car and/or at the destination
  • The already recognised text can be stored on the processing device in the car and/or the audio can be sent to the upload destination via the mobile internet connection
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