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ABSONIC Basic - Voice recording and automatic transcription of dictations, meetings, discussions, presentations and Windows communication software, with simultaneous translation into a language of your choice.

The online speech recognition and translation service is sold separately!

Online speech recognition and translation is done on Google or Microsoft's systems, on servers abroad, for which you can choose from our monthly subscriptions in Our Related Products or sign up directly to Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Who is it recommended for?

  • Those who have to record and/or take minutes of meetings frequently.
  • For people who don't like or can't type well, but like to dictate what they want to say.
  • Those who want to store audio recordings of their meetings so that all the information can be found quickly and accurately afterwards.
  • Those who communicate via Windows communication software (Skype, Zoom, Viber, Messenger, Telegram, TeamViewer, Meets, etc.), which would later be listened to.
  • People who have to enter short texts in various applications and would prefer to say them instead of typing them, just as you can dictate texts in smartphones.

Why is this good for you?

  • With ABSONIC speech recognition software, you can save 2/3 of the time spent on memos or taking minutes.
  • You can search all the data in the recorded audio and transcripts created with the automatic speech recorder, so you can find the information you need instantly!

Need more features or want to record your phone or mobile communication conversations?

Studio-quality digital voice recorder with built-in condenser microphones capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 125dB. Extremely easy to use - almost all main functions are accessed via dedicated buttons.

The DR-05X uses just two AA batteries, which, when recorded with built-in microphones, can provide up to 17.5 hours of recording time at the usual L/R WAV 44.1kHz/16bit quality.

The device can handle up to 128GB micro SDXC card - so you can record up to 192 hours of WAV or 896 hours of MP3 (320kbps).

With a built-in USB audio interface, it can also be used as a USB microphone by connecting it to a computer.

The Pre-record function creates a 2 second "pre-record" backup, so you won't miss the start even if you switch on a little later. But you can also use the "auto record" function, which automatically starts recording above a certain input signal level.

Peak Reduction, Auto level and Limiter are there to ensure you never have to worry about recording distorted, unusable recordings due to sudden volume increases.

With the easy-to-use DR-22WL, you can record high-quality linear PCM recordings without any difficulty. It's much more than a simple-to-use studio-quality digital voice recorder with excellent sound quality, as full control, playback and file transfer can be achieved via Wi-Fi, in a lecture theatre, remotely controlled from a mobile phone (for example, with a recorder placed close to the performer).

  • Built-in X-Y adjustable omnidirectional condenser microphone
  • 2 stereo channels
  • Record audio in MP3 and up to 24 bit/96 kHz WAV/BWF formats
  • Recording to SD/SDHC/SDXC card (a 4 GB micro SD card is standard)
  • Up to 120 dB sound pressure
  • Wi-Fi connected monitoring, control, password control, file transfer, etc.
  • Easy Wi-Fi connection to your Android device
  • Control software for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • The Peak Reduction function, which detects the peak level of music and speech recordings and automatically adjusts the optimal recording volume accordingly
  • Limiter, which prevents overdriving
  • Auto-recording function, which automatically starts recording based on the input signal level
  • Pre-recording function, which allows you to record the two seconds before you press the record button
  • USB 2.0 for high-speed file transfer to or from a computer
  • Powered by two AA batteries, a separately available AC adapter or USB
  • Stereo mini Jack headphones or line outputs with 20 mW output power per channel
  • USB 2.0 high speed port
  • Can be mounted on a tripod with screw

The ABSONIC software will be delivered to you on DVD and thumb drive or, depending on your choice, on a professional voice recorder.

In business, much of the daily flow of information is voice or speech information, some of which is generated in face-to-face meetings (negotiations, meetings, dictation).

Recording, storing and processing information plays a major role in competitiveness, saving expenditure and increasing revenue. It saves time, energy and money, and enhances security and advocacy.

The accuracy of speech recognition texts is on average around 90-98%, which may require manual corrections. Accuracy depends on, among other things, the language and speaking ability of the speakers, ambient noise, quality of microphones, quality of speech regeneration, quality of info-communication lines/channels, etc.

Online speech recognition and translation is provided through Microsoft or Google's systems on servers abroad, for which you can choose from our monthly subscriptions in our Related Products or register directly to Microsoft Azure / Google Cloud.

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