Possible applications of smart glasses with the ABSONIC speech recognition

  1. Transparent, binocular smart glasses can display a character description of the speech in one or both fields of view. The speech can come from the person wearing the glasses and/or from a conversation partner. In addition to or instead of a character representation of the speech, a translation of the speech in a choice of more than 100 languages.
  2. During presentations, the speaker's text and/or its translation can be projected into the field of view of the participants' smart glasses (e.g. conference, theatre performance, etc.)
  3. If there is no voice communication between two speakers and, for example, a worker is given spoken instructions by the job supervisor, even if the worker's glasses camera transmits a continuous image of the place and object of the work to the job supervisor
  4. For hearing impaired people who can read, displaying the speech of a lecture, class, etc.
  5. Transmitting information to the hearing impaired
  6. For talking to people in different languages
  7. Transmission of technological and other data and information requiring continuous visualisation by speech to workers/actors using both hands, with associated temporary communication containing information
  8. Technological and other data and information that can be retrieved/activated by employees' speech and that require continuous or prolonged display.
  9. For the transmission of data, information, status, continuous or prolonged display of data, information, status, communicated by speech in the case of remote operations
  10. In military, police, intelligence operations, for the transmission of data, information, status, without speech connection, remotely, one-way speech, for continuous or prolonged display, when both hands of the operative are occupied
  11. In conversation or dictation, to check the spoken or dictated text when no other display is available, especially when both hands are occupied
  12. Other application possibilities
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