Multi-level authorisation system and strong encryption in the ABSONIC voice recording system

security features in the voice-recording system

The protection of personal data (GDPR) is essential in the life of every company, entrepreneur and institution. In most cases, the IT or physical protection of audio recordings stored on computers can only be achieved with great difficulty and at great cost. ABSONIC's crypted voice recordings, transcripts and metadata are protected regardless of the file permissions and physical protection of the computers. The ABSONIC provides the possibility to define, on a per-person basis, hierarchical permissions for who can do what with the voice recordings. Furthermore, the creator and last modification date of each recording can be clearly identified.

Hierarchical access rights can be set for all users

multi-level authorisation system, user management
  • Define which parts of the ABSONIC software can be used by which persons
  • User rights can also be set at the level of program functions, e.g.: record, listen, convert, modify recording, access text document, delete, etc.

Strong encryption

encryption of sound recordings
  • Encryption of audio recordings and related files with TwoFish + salt, key fingerprints with SHA-512 + salt, key storage encryption with TwoFish + salt.
  • Encryption keys can be re-created on other computers with the right data.
  • Decryption without the encryption keys is not possible in terms of time (brute-force).
  • ABSONIC has been examined by the National Security Agency for the handling of classified information.

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